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Our swim programs are designed to be safe in an encouraging environment with our professional certified swimming instructors and CPR certified aquatic instructors. Whether you are new to swimming or just want to improve your swimming techniques, we have a variety of program levels for all ages and abilities.


8 Levels

Certified Instructors

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Adult Classes



Goal: guide parents with introducing their children to the water in a safe and fun way Parents will be shown safe and fun methods of introducing their children to the water using a variety of songs and games. These activities will help develop water skills and create positive associations with the water. Children must be 3 years of age to progress to the next level.

Goal: to increase comfort in the pool, learn water safety, introduce basic swimming skills At this level, children may be apprehensive about leaving a parent or entering the water. This class will focus on making the water a safe and fun environment for children while also teaching them the very basics of swimming and water safety. Children must be able to get their face wet, enter the pool independently, blow mouth and nose bubbles, be comfortable on their back, and jump in with assistance to progress to the next level.

Goal: for children to be comfortable in the pool, basic swim strokes introduced, learn water safety This class is largely focused on beginning strokes (reach and pull, back finning, elementary backstroke) and safety lessons. Before graduating from this class, children must be able to swim independently using beginning strokes 7-10 feet, do 3 bobs, glide with eyes in the water, back float, back glide, change direction, and climb out of the pool.

Goal: gain independence, build confidence, increase water safety awareness In Ray 1, children will be introduced to the crawl and backstroke. Children will learn proper lap swimming etiquette. Swimming the length of the pool to strengthen their swimming strokes and build their confidence is a focus in this level. Graduation from this level requires the swimmer to perform 5 bobs, front and back floats, front and back glides, swim front and back stroke 25 feet, roll over front to back, and retrieve item from bottom of 3 foot depth

Goal: learn strokes, build on skills learned in prior levels, and increase water safety awareness Students at this level will have learn the crawl and back stroke. They will continue to build on the skills learned in prior levels. Graduating from this level requires the swimmer to perform 10 bobs, swim 1 length each of elementary backstroke, front crawl, backstroke, introductory breast stroke, front and back floats, front and back glides, tread water, and jump in, begin swimming, roll to back, return to side of the pool

Goal: learn advanced stroke techniques while perfecting those learned in earlier levels Once students have reached the level of Shark, they will be ready to complete all the basic strokes. Students will work to perfect their crawl, back, breast, side, and elementary back stroke as well as practice the butterfly stroke. This level will focus on endurance and will be able to complete laps on their own.

Goal: improve physical fitness in a fun, but challenging environment This class is specifically designed for advanced swimmers who want the fitness benefits of competitive style conditioning, but are not interested in joining a competitive team. Teens will be able to come together to work on all aspects of their personal fitness in a fun and challenging environment.

Goal: gain confidence, build endurance, learn basic pool safety, and perfect all swim strokes learned These classes are directed toward adults at any level. In the adult classes, the instructor works with participants to achieve their own individual goals. Advanced beginners must swim on front and back one length of the pool.


Kids Group Lessons    
8 Sessions $120 $145
Adult & Youth Group Lessons    
8 Sessions $140 $160
Private Lessons ( By Appointment )    
1 person $35 $40
Semi-Private Lessons ( By Appointment )    
2 people (X2) $27 $32
3 or more (X3) $20 $25
Buy 5 Get 1 Free Special for Private Lessons    


Sign up is available until the class is full or until the first class has started. Any changes to the class rosters once the term has started must be approved by Club management. Any canceled classes are held the week after the last class on the same day and time as the regularly scheduled class unless you are notified otherwise by our staff. All swim lessons are non refundable.