Our swim programs are designed to be safe in an encouraging environment with our professional Red Cross & CPR certified aquatic instructors. Whether you are new to swimming or just want to improve your swimming techniques, we have a variety of program levels for all ages and abilities.  Our classes are small with no more than four children to a class.  Each student receives individualized attention that facilitates learning and maximizes fun!


9 Fun Levels

Red Cross Certified Instructors

Small Personalized Classes

Certificates Awarded

Adult Classes



Parents will assist with introducing their babies to the water. Parents are taught how to safely work with their child in the water, which includes proper support and positive encouragement so children will participate fully.

Babies are given basic skills which from the foundation of “loving the water”

Our classes orient children to the aquatic environment. Preschoolers learn greater independence and propulsive skills.

. Child is assisted with flotation device

. Enter and exit water using steps or side pool

. Blow bubbles with mouth and nose control

. Float on front and back

. Alternate and simultaneous leg and arm coordination on front and back sides

. Water safety skills

. Water safety skills

. Child may be assisted with flotation device

. Enter water by stepping in and exit water using the ladder or steps

. Open eyes under water and retrieve submerged object

Front and back floats and glides

. Combined arm and leg action on front and back

. *Finning* arm action on back

. Jumping in the water from the deck

. Water safety skills

. Child will swim without the support of a flotation device

. Enter by jumping from the deck

. Fully submerge and hold breath

. Bobbing and treating water

. Change direction of travel

Youth lessons focus on comfort in the water and success with fundamental skills. Youth levels provide guided practice in deeper water. Children develop confidence, coordination and refinement of strokes.

. Enter and exit the water using ladder, steps or side

. Blow bubbles through month and nose

. Glides, floats and treading water

. Alternating and simultaneous leg action front and back

. Enter/exit by stepping or jumping from the deck

. Fully submerge and hold breath

. Roll from front to back

. Tread water, bobbing

. Combined arm/leg action on front and back

. Head first entry

 . Swim under water

. Front crawl and backstroke

. Breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly

. Shallow angle dive from side

. Front flip turns

. Front and back crawl

. Elementary backstrokes, breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly

Children will succeed in the refinement of all stroke, swim with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Sharks is a Red Cross designed level with “MENU” options that focus on preparing participants for more advanced courses.

Fear of water, inability to float, stroke refinement and life saving techniques are addressed based on individual’s ability level and goals


Atlantis Sports Clubs

Group Lessons  
8 Sessions$139$159
Private Lessons( By Appointment )  
1 person$45$50
Semi-Private Lessons( By Appointment )  
2 people (Cost Per Person)$30$35
3 or more (Cost Per Person)$25$30
sheri class

Please call our Aquatics Director Sheri at 774-994-7388 to learn more about our program.  Our Winter 2 program begins March 3, 2020.  

Sign up is available until the class is full or until the first class has started. No one can be added or switched to another instructor once the class has begun. All classes will be held as scheduled unless cancelled by the instructor. Any cancelled classes are held the week after the last class on the same day and time as the regularly scheduled class, unless you are notified otherwise by our staff.

Private and semi-private swim lessons are always available!  Private lessons are an affordable way to ensure one-on-one instruction time for maximum results.


Atlantis Sports Clubs


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